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Curse of the Abyss Wrom [Chapters 25/26: Lady Belinda & The Chat]


Lady Belinda

And Anna’s Resolve

[The meeting ends]

Spring, 2003

For the most part, Mr. Earnest had finished his project with the Viper family, or in particular, Anna Viper. Surely he had earned his money, or at least that is how it looked to Anna. They had their meeting, and that was over, and if anything she had put some things together. Not everything was clear, but then it seldom is. Still, mile after mile her thoughts seemed to float through her mind as if they were floating down the Mississippi: something’s clearing up, something’s not; more questions, and fewer answers were surfacing also. She thought, ‘…would I ever get all the answers?’ probably not, but a few more had to be answered if she wanted to go on living, a half normal life.

What she did know was she could not afford to have any sexual relationships that might carry a new birth of a Viper child, save for the fact, she’d have to fight the curse; nor did she wanted to produce a lie that might migrate to her character, or soul, thus, producing a black circle around her forehead–and disfavor, and dishonor with God Himself; she knew her blood was not cleansed yet, her blood that is, her only blood, the Viper blood–but it neither could be fully cursed, it was waiting for a trigger though. She also needed to know ‘Charlie’s Secret,’ or was his secret like the cults secret. The, 77-Day Cult’s, hidden information, was it worth her time, this was bouncing back and forth in her mind also; –henceforth she thought, can these secrets possibly lead to resolving her problem with the curse: –if that is what it really was, the secret information needed to restore her back to normality, not rob her of it, and give to the takers what they have been taking for years, other people’s lives. Maybe it was just logic she needed she pondered on. Often times we look so deep down the hole and try to pull out the demons, when they are right on top, next to the surface. Maybe, just maybe the answer was in front of her nose. May Charlie’s secret was who the cult leader was?

How could she get rid of the curse: her mind was so preoccupied: with the thoughts dancing inside her brain, the damn curse, the black ridge, circle that had not yet come to invade her forehead; also how could she become free from the Abyss Worm which was part of the curse; that was probably harvesting her new litter of killer worms right in her system; maybe in her gallbladder, which hurt now and then. Yes, maybe, just maybe she continued to tell herself, they are right here, looking at my insides as a nice little niche; how revolting that thought was for her; but she was a logical person, an accountant, and wishful thinking would not erase reality, erase all that had come about, nor sleeping it away would only put her into a depression state, or hiding your head in the ground. Oh no, she told herself, action, logic, thoughts, and prayers; that was the answer.

But as she pondered on this area of concentration longer, she had thanked herself for listening hard to the many things Dick Earnest had said; good insight was tossed about (weather he had meant to give good or bad information, it was all taken in, and she was sorting it out). She had inherited a small house (blue in color) around the 1700 block of Larpenteur Avenue, between St. Paul, and Roseville, in the County of Ramsey. She had gotten it from Sally (who had willed it to her), whom left it to her in her will. And so it was all she really had of any consequential value, except for the money she paid Mr. Earnest, and now that was gone, also. But she had a good job at the St. Paul, Post Office on Kellogg Street in downtown St. Paul, in whom she worked for a good man named Brian. And her friend Sandy [the secretary], was always calling her back to work–if and when she got laid off. And so it seemed pretty secure for the most part, not acquiring a full 12-months work, but an average of nine-months annually, and that was good enough; she liked the long vacations in-between.

It was the first Friday in June, 2003, when Lady Belinda stopped by Anna’s house.

The Chat

[Anna’s Story]

Lady Belinda showed up on Anna’s door steps, for a chat, as she called it, –she stood there face to face with Anna looking through the screen door at her as if she was expected Anna somewhat dumfounded, even though she got word she was coming, pondered on the nerve she had to show up like this–: strangely, they both remained for the longest time, stone-still looking through the screen at each other.

“‘Tis, just for a chat my dear…,” she remarked–with a look of supremacy. Then with hesitation, Anna said, she’d talk to her outside, that ‘…please wait a minute…’ and she’d join her. If anything, maybe she could extract more information out of her, or at best allow her to express what she wanted to talk about ‘their’ futures, in particular. It could do no harm to listen, she concluded.

As a result, they sat outside on a picnic table, a chill was in the air, as the wind crept under the table, and around their legs; the humming of the cars going back and forth off Larpenteur Avenue seemed to calm Anna a little. And for some reason Anna felt safe out there–safer that is, than allowing her (Her being: Lady Belinda) enter into her home, —- out of being inquisitive she sat attentively with no questions or answers, just ready to listen.

As Lady Belinda started to talk, she carried on a long monologue; she often referred to what might be called ‘her secret,’ which was information from Charlie the Indian, from years past, and from the Cult. She wanted to trade, as Anna expected. But as the two women looked into each others eyes, it dawned on Anna, Mr. Earnest had really told her enough information to where if she added it up, it could not be anymore than what Belinda knew; suddenly a few options occurred to her, that being, lifting the curse would mean having the child and not killing it: –which everyone seemed to have done before her, and then allowing the second normal looking child to survive. Consequently, completing the curse’s failure, and allowing it to drift to its unpardonable edge, or put another way, insuring the curse would remain–unendurable [linger on]. Therefore, what she needed to do was have the child if need be and not kill it. The second part of this part of the equation could be: simply do not get pregnant.

The second thing or option that floated past her mind was the Cult. One had to deny it, not own it, and pray, and not to the demonic Vii or Tiamat, or Satan, but to the real true God, the Christian God, the God that brought the Jews across the Red Sea, open up the Red Sea, the one that cast Lucifer out of heaven. Who from the Cult, could stand to watch her pray night and day to this God without vomiting [?]: –a rhetorical question at best–she silently murmured. She would do this she told herself as the lips of Belinda kept chatting like a purring wild kitten ready to grab her throat. Nonetheless, Anna just kept on thinking, almost day dreaming–somewhat disassociating her mind, almost in a catatonic state of existence, almost as if she was disinterested in the chattering of Lady Belinda, and had found the Golden Grail.

A third element came to mind (as she was still transposed onto Lady Belinda’s eyes, as if they were rearranged that way for this very moment of insight by the True God) she could have a blood-transfusion. Not sure if it was practical; hitherto the curse was more physical than biological in restraining of a person; and/or more psychological than spiritual.

It came to mind as well, Charlie’s secret was no more than a warning, a warning for the future of this cruelty, and the reality of reversing the curse the same way it was transgressed–and possibly whom the Cult Master was. How could it be anything other than that? What was really happening was that: people, creatures, and demonic beings were taking advantage of a situation, after they had cultivated it for years (no more, no less)?

Said she to her mind’s eye: Lady Belinda was willing to release all this information, ‘but I knew it all, already’; thanks to Dick Earnest for the most part, for it was almost as if Dick knew Belinda was going to come and tell her, and had no more information to give than what she gave, and he wanted her to have a weapon (for some odd reason)–so she thought, what else could it be (on conjecture)? If she gave her soul, not sure what would happen to the curse, possibly it would be amended to be nothing, but the afterward price was too high. A forth thing came to mind, all other Viper’s, or people involved with the curse took money, a seal of sorts, kind of like going to a bank and once you leave the counter, the transaction is finalized. And so once the money was taken, everything was finalized. She would give back the house now, give it away, it didn’t matter, things were just things, for when one died they had to give them up anyways, or to someone, or someplace: all the gold in the world could do no one a bit of good once dead…and it was not worth a life of blackmailing by the curse; no, life was not a commodity as some would have her think, as Lady Belinda was trying to buy. It was all one had, after all is said and done.

Said Anna with a new found relief:

“You will die Lady Belinda in a few years, and I shall put weeds on your grave, or if not that, I will look from heaven’s door and watch you fall, fall, and fall deeper into the dark bottomless pit, no candles lit, just black on black, following ebbing, shooting down to its bottom tombs, and vaults in hell–dragging you down, like a black-veil; nothing I mean nothing, living down there–worth living for,–now be gone, and die alone.”

Lady Belinda started shaking, stuttering, and not quite knowing what to make of it. Death had already given her a sting, this insult was traumatic, and it was her only way out. Yet she could not waste time, she knew she had to seek another way to long life, or be done with it in a few years. And so she left without comment.


The Abyss Worm

[Anna’s Story]

As Anna walked back into her house, she congratulated herself on the fine work she had done–having a spirit of conquest for some reason: thus, a quick analysis she had completed, one might say, one of her goals, and therein, she found that analysis was her escape, and she thanked herself, her new found faith, –her God for her moving onward with this curse instead of hiding her head in the sand and hoping it would take care of itself.

One thing she had noticed about Sally and others with the curse, something Earnest did not say, but rather implies, is that they all were busy with the past and present, none seemed to live in, and work within the immediate present. Indirectly, she had set up a plan for herself now, and she liked it–her analysis-complete being that plan; matter of fact she marveled at it. Liking poetry, she wrote a poem commencing her new bold plan [she called it]:

By Anna Viper

The Cavewoman

And the Rat

(In Heaven)

The Cavewoman asked the Rat–: “What kind of women-creature should I be on earth?” Said the Rat to the Cavewomen “God has given you a choice pick as you please, so come aboard my craft, and we’ll see!” [A long pause took place.] “We are almost ready to go down to earth,” said the Rat, preparing the flying craft, “Oh please, please!” asked the Cavewomen, [indecorously], “…give me the answer; I need it before I arrive so I know what to do?” And so the Rat said in his lyrical way: “Take charge of your own life or someone else will, and you the fool.”

‘Tis, that Anna Viper, finished her poem, and thought about her plan. She concluded, if the Abyss Worm was in her, if truly it was (god forbid), it would leave her, or kill her, but surely would not remain in her. And yet she was the only system that could breed her siblings, discreetly. It would seem at this point, the Abyss Worm, had a few liters, and was trying for a small army with the help of the Cult.

? Moreover, she started her program (her plan) immediately; not wasting any time; and as a result, the first place she went to was St. Paul, Minnesota’s Cathedral; where daily she prayed–; praying and more praying, deliberating. At work, Brian, allowed her sometime off [Post Office], to get her life in order, as she tried to explain to him, she was slightly ill and needed flexibility for the following next few months, and he gladly gave it–as Sandy the secretary in the main office [Human Resources], willingly keep her job available; thus, the battle had started.

She gave her house away to a nice old couple that moved from Lima, Peru, to the Twin Cities [of St. Paul and Minneapolis], whom could not afford a house. She had met them in Church. It seemed quite unbelievable to the couple (the house being all paid for, as it was), to give a house away, but she assured them, it was better for her mental health, and that it was them doing her the favor by taking the house. And that was that.

Anna then moved into a room at a three-plex on Albemarle Street

[1094]. Things were happening fast, but still not fast enough for Anna.

It was now June 23, 2003, summer had begun, and Minnesota was as green as the Amazon. It was on this day, this very day [warm and fresh] she was taking a shower when she got sick, very, very, very sick to her stomach, and started vomiting right in the shower room. As she was puking everything up, which was really not much (for she had not eaten much the past few weeks), the Abyss Virus Worm came out, the size being a little larger than a quarter, it was hanging on to the drain by her feet, several more came out of her mouth, they went down the drain also, and the Mother Worm, with its big eyes just stared at Anna, as she turned the hot water on, jumping back, she watched it lose its strength as the water pushed it down the drain–down into the sewer system with the rats.

She felt around her stomach area, she was still whole, alive, no more stomach pain, or cramps. She simply told herself– today was not the day for her to die. She now thought about a husband. God had been gracious, kind, and she had to stick with her plan: feeling a plan un-worked is no plan at all.

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