How Does A 2 Year Old Boy Has Hiv Aids Eleven Enemies of Man: A Model Article to Demonstrate How to Write an Interesting Article on a Topic

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Eleven Enemies of Man: A Model Article to Demonstrate How to Write an Interesting Article on a Topic

Here MAN means mankind. It includes men, women, children, old, young, educated, uneducated etc. and all human beings who have the ability to ‘Think’.

When we say ‘Enemies’ we don’t mean some enemies from outside, but actually, in this article, the enemies we are talking about are ‘within’. They are not some wild animals, harmful germs (not even the monstrous HIV/AIDS of the 20th century), atomic radiation, etc., but enemies created by man’s own thought.

We will see how thought plays evil and how it creates various enemies for man.

Thought is the instrument that creates the ‘ego center’ known as ‘I’. This “I” creates various differences among man. This is the reason for the struggle for survival. In this process, he created several enemies for man, and some of them are listed as follows:

1) DESIRE FOR FOOD: In modern times, it seems that it is not difficult for man to get food. A person eats whatever comes his way whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Cooked or raw. He locates proteins from any organic matter he comes across, grabs them to eat. There is a famous saying “big fish survive by eating small fish”. It is good that civilization has progressed to this level, so man is not a cannibal now except for a small percentage of uncivilized people. Otherwise, a person’s favorite dish could be another human being.

Cannibalism aside, the injustice to the poor, oppressed and less privileged people is very great to deny them even disposable food. Man grabs food even from animals and birds. Several creatures are now extinct due to lack of food. The balance in nature is completely disturbed due to the excessive intake of food that humans take.

2) LUST FOR SEX: Another lust that man directly inherited from animals is SEX. (The first is the desire for food). Sex is a natural phenomenon that accompanies food. After the belly is full, all animals, including humans, look for a sexual partner. Only a few give credit to the laws of the land in satisfying their sexual desires. The increasing incidence of HIV infection shows how weak men are when it comes to sex. As much as a person does not make differences in the choice of food, he does not find a difference in the choice of a sexual partner either. Marital fidelity has lost its full significance. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “I will admit that India gained freedom only when a young beautiful girl with expensive gold ornaments walked alone on a narrow dark path without danger”. It may take centuries to get this freedom.

3) LUST FOR POWER. A man will do anything to gain power. A peek into world history will reveal hundreds of wars and thousands of murders for the sake of power. Son, killing father, brothers killing each other is quite common in history. The Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, is about brothers fighting for power. In modern days, even in democratic systems, murders, massacres, etc. are common to win elections and seize power. In daily official life we ​​can also see people do any violation of behavior to get promotions so they can earn more power. Power is a madness unique to mankind. No other animal craves power. Man wants to possess more and more power. It satisfies his ego. He wants people around him to prostrate themselves, pay respect, praise words and worship. Greed for power has reached such a level that man is ready to replace the worship of deities by deifying himself as above God.

4) MONEY: The greatest discovery of humanity in modern times is MONEY. It is said that the discovery of FIRE and then the wheel system for transportation are the greatest inventions of mankind that changed their way of life. Then comes electricity (including electronic systems and computer technology). But on the social side, the greatest invention of human society that has changed the entire human attitude, from a child to a dying person, is MONEY. There are some famous proverbs in Tamil that explain the tremendous power of money. Some of them are as follows: ‘Spears will only pierce the Earth to a few feet, but Money will pierce everywhere’, ‘Those who have money will get places of honor, but people with character but no money will be thrown into the dustbin’, ‘Even a dead body will open its mouth in awe when presented with money.

The whole society now stands behind money. In fact, everything turns into money now. Education, treatment, technology, even parental love is measured in money. A man is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of money. (GOLD can be considered next to money, but far behind). Man will commit every sin, including killing his own relatives for money.

The importance that man attaches to money deserves another full article that will explain its importance

5) JEALOUSY: Jealousy is mostly a subjective phenomenon. It varies from person to person. For an individual human being, it changes depending on the occasion and the people involved. “Jealousy is our national character”, is a famous Indian saying. Jealousy is a common character, prevailing even between mother and daughter, father and son. Few are able to conquer it completely, some can hide it, and many are swayed by it and ruin the lives of those they envy, and ruin their own lives.

6) ANGER AND HATE: Anger has ruined the lives of millions of people around the world. Hatred is anger that is permanently fed by providing fodder for hostilities. While anger is limited to individuals, hatred exists even between countries. Even saints are not free from wrath. It is said that in a fit of anger they curse and lose all their power. A person loses his composure and looks very ugly during an angry mood. There is no use even if you regret it later. Thousands of innocent people were killed simply because of hatred. It is the main cause of several wars in world history. A heart that gives place to anger is a house of sorrow; eternal wrath will not gain anyone.

7) FANATICISM: Fanaticism gives way to extremism, and extremism leads to terrorism. Today’s world is gripped by terrorist activities, and if we go into the cause of it, it is only fanaticism. It is in the name of country, language, ethnic groups and above all, “Religion”. “The biggest wars in the world are fought in the name of Religion” – JK

We attach too much importance to some dogmas and are very deeply attached to them. When something happens that hurts that faith, a person is deeply wounded and like a wounded tiger fights against those who inflicted the wound. Sometimes it crosses all borders and there is no stopping the violence that falls even on innocent civilians. In Indian history, the recent demolition of the Ajodhya Mosque is an example of religious intolerance. The ethnic war between Sri Lankan Tamils ​​and Sinhalese is an example of ethnic struggles. There are dozens of such struggles all over the world, and the basis of all of them is fanaticism.

Even in lighter things like entertainment and sports, fanaticism has its hands. Indians can tolerate anyone winning a cricket match and not Pakistan and vice versa. In India, it is common among FANS (fanatics!) for one movie actor to violently attack fans of another. It’s a sad real life event that a policeman is burned to death and a lot of people self-immolate when their matinee idol dies of natural causes (due to old age!)

8) FEAR: Fear is a silent killer. A coward dies 1000 times in his life. Most of his fears are from his imagination. The natural outcome of fear is to seek protection. Due to the need for protection, he joins groups. Groups create conflicts and wars. Therefore, the basis of most wars is Fear. Most of men’s actions are seeking protection, from housing to creating relationships. A man commits several criminal acts to escape his fear, but the acts are trapped in a cage of his own making.

9) PRIDE: Some people have an ego that they are supreme; they know everything and everyone should bow to them. In most cases, they fail miserably. Empty containers only make more noise. In the end, they end up as an object of ridicule in the eyes of others like the character Malvalio in Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’.

10) REVENGE; People do not forget the evils that have been done to them. They want to take revenge for certain actions of their enemies, intentionally or unintentionally and lose their lives in the process. The best example of this is the character Shylock from Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

11) SELFISHNESS: The basis for all the above mentioned human weaknesses is Selfishness. We have come across several people who behave selfishly even in trivial matters. Starting from getting a seat in the bus to getting a ministerial post, only their personal interest comes before other interests. It is a great pity that the athletes also succumbed to selfishness. Sportsmanship has taken second place giving way to selfish interests in the first place. People are not ready to sacrifice. They ignore the disgust shown by the onlookers. For them, their needs must be met. Other things go to hell.

Sum up:

We have seen a brief account of the eleven vices of the people who are called his enemies. There are a few more weaknesses and flaws, but they can be classified under any of the above.

What is the solution?

Any number of sermons will not change a man to make him leave the above vices. However, a practical approach to overcoming them could be the following (11 recipes for 11 vices):

1. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Have a minimum of food to sustain life. It will also reduce medical costs.

2. Lead a peaceful family life. You don’t have to become a saint. Have sex within family parameters.

3. Don’t be greedy for power. Power comes with responsibilities. Accept responsibilities after weighing the pros and cons, not the power behind it.

4. Money can buy food, not appetite, and can buy a bed, not sleep. Therefore, one should know the limited power of money. You don’t have to sacrifice peace of mind for money. Have a plan for earning and saving. Don’t be greedy. In the meantime, don’t be a miser because ‘a miser is always poor’.

5. Our mind requires enormous energy to overcome feelings of jealousy. Recognize talents in others. Try to improve yours.

6. Anger and Hate: Practical yoga exercises, food habits will reduce the feelings associated with anger. Not only intoxicating drinks should be avoided, but also poisonous drinks like coffee. Read and practice some self-improvement books that practice conquering this feeling.

7. FANATICISM: The biggest danger facing the world today is terrorism, which is a direct result of fanaticism. Each of us is a fanatic in one way or another. When I take excessive pride in my religion, country or language, I indirectly encourage fanaticism and am also a terrorist, albeit to a limited extent. The only cure for this is “Don’t take extreme views, BE MODERATE”. This is the advice of the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist monk, to fight terrorism. Yes, if we maintain the right balance in our approach, there is no room for fanaticism.

8. FEAR: The basic reason for fear is ‘seeking protection’. A person is afraid if he will lose all the comfort he already has, if it will have a bad effect on his health. Then he joins the groups. In the process, he loses his freedom. In the end, fear ends in slavery. To overcome fear, the only way is to live correctly and scrupulously respect the laws of the land.

9. PRIDE: Too much pride will only make you laugh, watch others. You can show yourself when absolutely necessary.

10. Revenge: Do not instill in yourself the feeling of revenge. The greatest man on Earth is the one who knows how to forgive and forget.

11. SELFISHNESS: You need to be able to see another person’s point of view, his aspirations, etc. The greatest pleasure is to ‘sacrifice’, not to acquire everything for your own benefit.

In short, a moderate and balanced approach to everything and anything we encounter is needed. One cannot be Jesus or Mahatma Gandhi, but we can certainly show restraint in our approaches.

Credits for this article:

Let me conclude the article by stating certain advantages of this article.

1. The content justifies the title in Toto.

2. The article never deviates from the main topic.

3. The language is very simple. There was no juggling of words.

Readers are advised to consult different books on individual topics as the above is only a bird’s eye view. But two aspects deserve to be mentioned as concluding remarks:

Have a moderate approach to any of the feelings and emotions and I wish you a very successful future in article writing.

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