How To Cut A Two Year Old Black Boys Hair True Love – Why is That Stunning Girl Dating That Ugly Guy?

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True Love – Why is That Stunning Girl Dating That Ugly Guy?

It’s a question people ponder all their life. Mostly it’s people who are into vanity thinking the stunning girl is out of her mind, but the truth remains a mystery to the small minded of this world. All the handsome guys want the girl, all the average girls look down on her, but perhaps that ugly guy could teach you a thing or two. I did some thinking and with some study I worked it out. It is true love and it’s a good yarn to read.

I don’t know how you think or how you behave but let me tell you how I find out the things I want to know.

If I want to know something, the first thing I do is ask someone who should know the answer to my question my question. I grew up asking heaps of questions. I still ask them of learned people and I search out things myself. When I asked my mother a question I had with the Bible once I stumped her and I learned there is always a higher authority.

Sometimes I have asked my mother a spiritual question, went to books written on the subject of my question and still come up short. I am very deep sometimes and sometimes I want the deep answer.

Then sometimes I don’t ask people a question, I simply think about it for a long time. The question of why that stunning girl dates that ugly guy I worked out by myself and by chatting to some very pretty women.

There are three reasons people give me when I ask them, why pretty women date ugly guys. Two of them I will mention and one is crude. Then after I mention them I will go on to a deeper and more loving reason that I discovered.

People say pretty women date ugly guys because.

1. The guy has got something she really desires in life. Most often this is money and possessions and the capacity for her to live her life with no worry about money. This can even be something noble, he is a respected film producer and she is a talented actress.

2. Or the guy can supply her with all the drugs she wants to take to be out of her mind and have a good time in her youth.

I often looked at Mick Jagger and wondered was it just 1 and 2 that the pretty girls fell for that have been in his life. I think it may be one and two but possibly the third that I will share.

So why else does a pretty lass fall in love with an ugly guy?

From the time a little baby girl is born who has really pretty features she is complimented. A really cute baby gets a mother plenty of compliments and most of them are by women to her. Sure the father may be complimented also, but the prettiness of a little girl seems to be credited to her pretty mother.

If the mother is into her little pretty daughter a lot, the mother might even go as far as enter her little child into baby contests and if the little girl smiles in her picture and is really judged by the judges of prettiness as the best child, the mother will have a ribbon or a framed picture of that to show her daughter when she is old enough.

When I was a growing teenager I used to see a really pretty girl and thought it was a compliment to tell them that they were really pretty and then ask them if they had ever considered being a model. I did this a lot as I was mixed up sort of guy, who didn’t get a lot of love in his life and talking to pretty girls and keeping them in conversation made me feel good. But one thing I noticed after using the line many times was the pretty girls didn’t really think they had been complimented. In fact on many occasions they cut me short and made it clear that my line of speech had ruined their day.

Why was this so? I had to ask myself.

Why would a stunning girl get offended by a boy or a man telling her she was stunning?

Do you know the one thing that a really pretty girl most often misses out on?

Genuine love and appreciation for the talents she has inside her and for her heart and her secret desires to change the world she lives in. People seem to only see her skin deep and some stunning girls in this world are told to be quiet when they try and prove that they are also very intelligent.

I have to laugh the other day I saw a stunning Barrister with one of those wigs on that they wear in court and I pointed her out to another businessman that was walking next to me and he agreed a stunning intelligent women was in another class. He joked that he wished he could have got her business card and use her for his law work.

It’s a sad truth that most men prefer blonds and many brunettes dye their hair blonde to cater to this love and bias in men, yet this self same evil world we live in comes out with a hundred and one dumb blonde jokes. Do you know essentially what we are saying as we share these dumb blonde jokes and laugh in the presence of a blonde who can hear it? We are saying, dress up for me, look pretty, be a lady in public and a sex object behind closed doors but shut your mouth because we don’t want to hear anything you say!

I am a guy who has always loved brunettes, perhaps because my mother is one and I am a mummy’s boy. I just love black hair. The only blondes I really ever liked were the ones they dyed their hair blonde and had black eyelashes and eyebrows. This was nothing to do with intelligence it is my love of black and black eyebrows and eyelashes told me I was looking at a brunette.

The only thing a stunning blonde or brunette can never be sure of is this.

They can never be sure their friends love them for who they are inside or for what they look like on the inside. This is a sad way to live.

Yet along comes an ugly guy and the one thing that he can be very confident of is that his friends love him for who he is and not what he looks like. No one hangs around an ugly guy with no money and no drugs because of fringe benefits. So if you meet an ugly guy that has heaps of friends you have met one guy that has met this hypocritical and shallow educated world we live in head on and triumphed.

Let me say here, that I rarely meet people that I could even call ugly, such am I connected to hearts and not outer appearance in people.

These ugly guys that conquered the world have magnetism because there is nothing that attracts like skin and outer beauty that this sick world considers to be worth more then gold, their beauty is an inner beauty that cannot be bought, traded or copied. An ugly guy like this has a lot of real life questions he can answer for you and if you are lacking in love for yourself in areas of your life, most often he will have the key. I know one guy that was pretty ugly who set the whole world on fire but I have never seen a picture that represents Him like the Bible explains His looks to have been. I am going to quote a scripture out of the Bible here, but don’t worry, it won’t hurt you.

Isaiah 53:1-2

1 Who has believed our report?

And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

2 For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant,

And as a root out of dry ground.

He has no form or comeliness;

And when we see Him,

There is no beauty that we should desire Him.

Another version says Jesus did not say He looked worthy of being a king.

Isaiah 53:1-2

1WHO HAS believed (trusted in, relied upon, and clung to) our message [of that which was revealed to us]? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been disclosed?(A)

2For [the Servant of God] grew up before Him like a tender plant, and like a root out of dry ground; He has no form or comeliness [royal, kingly pomp], that we should look at Him, and no beauty that we should desire Him.

This is the only mention in the Bible of what Jesus looked like yet every single picture I have ever seen of Jesus is a handsome picture. Jesus was what we consider very plain or ugly. He had NO beauty We have been sold a lie by Satan and we were commanded by God in the Ten commandments not to make a graven images and worship them. In painting handsome paintings of Jesus we have distorted the truth of what Jesus really looked like. No painter has ever had the courage to paint an ugly Jesus and if He has it is not a very expensive one that I have seen. The simple fact is that no women would be attracted to Jesus for His good looks. But if you ask most Christian women who really follow Jesus and His teachings to the letter, you will find their love for Him surpasses any affection they should have for a mortal man. Jesus was the ugly guy found in the company of stunning women and all the moderate looking to handsome jealous guys that saw Him said to their friends “What are such stunning women doing in the company of such an ugly guy?”

And now if you have been guilty of asking that question of a friend puffing yourself up in pride as you ask it, the laugh is on you, because you would have been one of the handsome men of Israel in that day.

When God was picking the second king of Israel as recorded in the Bible. He sent a prophet to a family whose father was named Jessie. Jessie has about seven sons as I recall. Samuel the prophet, had each of them come before him and he was trying to pick a robust and handsome king for the nation of Israel.( a person that looked like a king should) and six of the sons came past him. He simply ran out of sons that have been brought to meet him. He enquired of Jessie if Jessie had any more sons, as God had not given him a verbal go ahead with any of those that had stood before him and then Jessie answered him. ” Oh yes my youngest son is out tending sheep.” Jessie hadn’t even considered him. God told Samuel the prophet that He does not look at men based on outward appearances like men do but He looks upon the heart of a man.

We all like to say that it’s not the looks of a person that counts. It’s what’s inside, but every advertisement selling us things has handsome people selling them and we spend a fortune trying to look good and a lot less money trying to become better people on the inside.

So here comes the true love

So one day a stunning girl meets an ugly guy at work. Let’s just say he is studying music at university or some music college and she is studying to become a psychologist.

He is washing dishes and busy working for $16.50 and hour casual and she is a waitress who keeps on adding dirty dishes to his bench with no room on it for anything else, and the whole floor is full of pots and he is going flat out. She gets upset with some of her customers sometimes and he is always full of understanding and will even stop washing to console her and say:

“People want their own way in life and sometimes the meal and the way you serve them Anna, is not to their liking. Most times they are just taking something out on you because they have had a bad day and can find fault in something they didn’t like in you or the food, and they are simply dumping on you. Don’t worry about it,” he smiles. “You dump dishes down on me all the time and even when I am busy I have the time to give you a hug and a chat, and do you see me complaining? No. That’s because this is my job here to wash dirty dishes and make un-appreciated waitresses feel better.” Once again he is smiling and he turns back to the dishes. And Anna walks out smiling feeling happier, and happy he is such a giving and positive workmate.

When they have beers together after the restaurant is closed after he has asked her about all her dreams and desires in life and given her his input and his time, she may ask him what he wants to do in his life. He is a simple man. He simply wants to write music to change people’s hearts, and he has just put down the songs on his first album that he has made and is due to start selling in the city once a week as he busks to the public for spare change.

His simplicity, honesty and his creativity are three things that strongly make Anna want to know him more and she is quite fascinated how he says that he is going to basically do in music to people what she will be doing in therapy. Before long she is standing at his first live concert and a city street licking an ice cream and hearing his songs sung with a voice that is not only smooth and rich, but is packed with emotion. The fourth song has her crying and within a month Anna and her dishwasher are in love for all the right reasons.

True story?

Anna does not see him as ugly and he does not look at her outer shell. Within a year she has learned everything she needs to know from him and is not in University anymore, she is a small community college studying to be an actress. He has a director friend and a good screenwriter friend he is going to write a score of a feature film that they she is going to star in.

True story?

In many more cases then you realise. And that’s why that stunning girl dates that ugly guy.


Out of two hundred articles I wrote this was one of the first few as I was so sure that this would be something people would read. In fact in my local shopping mall I struck up four conversations with girls and asked them if they saw my headline in a magazine would they pick up the magazine and read it. The girls said yes and then told me I could not leave until I had let them read it. Today I publish it online to celebrate my 200th article that I have posted.

I have written the largest majority of my articles on the Christian faith, inspiring and challenging Christians do live a richer and more fulfilling life. But if you are not a Christian I have written a lot of articles on the breakdown of marriage and how to deal with divorce. I have written some articles on mental illness as I suffer both Bipolar disorder (Manic Depressive disorder) and schizophrenia and I am able to put a positive spin on these illnesses and give spiritual insight. I also have a few inspirational articles on songs and things. I encourage you to flick through my articles and see if another headline grabs you.

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