Im A 13 Year Old Boy And I Finger Myself Ghana 2008 and the Spirit of Nationalism

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Ghana 2008 and the Spirit of Nationalism

Finally, the golden jubilee 26th Africa Cup of Nations – Ghana 2008 tournament has come and gone. Although Ghana failed to win the gold, they managed to take the bronze medal; and the nation is richer patriotically than ever before.

But one legacy Ghana has left with the tournament that must never be allowed to leave us as a nation is the Spirit of Nationalism. And the 23 young players out of 22 million coaches, who carried the entire nation on their frail shoulders and sweated under great pressure from January 20 to February 10, 2008, were the shining, glittering Black Stars of Ghana. The stylish Stars did the trick with their superb “soccer” skills and topped it off with their “kangaroo” acrobatic legs and toe pinching to step. It was just unnerving and contagious like the flu. It wasn’t long before other African nations, starting with the all-powerful Nigeria, started making copyrighted photocopies of their dance steps. No piracy please! Michael Essien from Ghana is the originator, initiator and inventor of the “kangaroo” dance in Africa and the world of football. Any body that wants to reproduce that dance must get permission from him. Period!

What shall we say to the gallant 23? “Ghana Black Starts, “Ayikooo!” Well done! You have written down what Napoleon could not achieve.” And we should always keep this African proverb in the back of our minds: “Those who did not take part in the war always take pleasure in getting angry and criticizing the battalions for not fighting hard enough.” Don’t blame them, because they don’t know how a monkey sweats.

Actually, Ghana did very, very well. To be able to beat Guinea 2-1; pip Namibia 1 – 0; beat Nigeria 2 – 1; a 4-2 massacre of Ivory Coast, before finally falling to Cameroon 0-1 under some technical errors and a “humane” refereeing conspiracy, was no mean feat at all. In other words, with the exception of Namibia, all the countries that Ghana crushed like empty shells en route to snatching the bronze medal are superpowers as far as football in Africa is concerned. Just go and have a look at the FIFA rankings of those countries on the continent before the 2008 Ghana tournament starts.

About 20 years ago, in 1987 to be exact, this author watched an American film at the Executive Theater of the then Ghana Film Industry Corporation (GFIC) in Accra. (I don’t really remember the title of that movie). But in the movie, a little boy of about five years old, who lives with his mother, was somehow mischievous. It was as if the boy deliberately spilled some water on the dining table and the mother was angry. His mother started scolding him. She nagged and nagged and insinuated the boy’s father who was not at home at the time. Suddenly this tiny boy burst into flames, looked his huge mother in the face and shouted back, “Mommy, why are you bothering me like that? Don’t you know I’m American?” The mother was so shocked and mesmerized that she could not utter a word after that.

How do some nations on this planet of imperfection manage to instill or instill a spirit of patriotism in their citizens to such an extent that even when they err in one way or another, most of their citizens are still willing to defend them or even lay down their lives for their countries? At what age do they start pumping a sense of patriotism into the minds of their citizens? And what returns do such patriotic citizens expect from their nations?

Fueled by this “holy” spirit of nationalism, some Ghanaians have gone to the extent of not only dressing themselves in national colors, but also decorating their dogs, cats, rams, goats and poultry with Ghanaian flags – all jubilant in support of the national team – the Black Stars . Even some foreign nationals in Ghana or visitors who just came to witness the event were so infected with the spirit of Ghanaian nationalism that they started competing to prove that they are even more Ghanaian than Ghanaians themselves. (We say they are more Catholic than the Pope himself). It was simply fantastic!

In August 2007, the Ministry of Information and National Orientation officially launched the National Orientation Awareness Program at the Accra International Center. It is important to quickly refresh our memory on the Five Pillars of National Orientation that were revealed on that occasion: 1. Proud to be a Ghanaian; 2. Patriotism and the “Ghana First” spirit; 3. Positive and “I can – do – it” attitude; 4. Productivity and responsibility and 5. Commitment and discipline.

One has yet to conduct a scientific study to determine the impact of the program on the population. Nevertheless, through the optional observations so far, it will not be out of place to conclude that since the launch of the national orientation program, together with the gradual but deliberate and continuous efforts of the Ministry to make people aware of the need to do things in a certain As a nation, slowly but progressively the spirit of patriotism or nationalism is rekindled in the minds of many Ghanaians. It can be concluded that at least Pillar N0 1, “Proud to be a Ghanaian” has literally taken root in the hearts of many citizens of this kind country of hospitable people.

Do you remember that during the tournament, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Hon Oboshie Sai Cofie, had to issue an official statement, reminding the entire nation that whenever the national anthem is played or sung, every body should stand and be silent until the anthem is over ? It was a simple but profound instruction on national orientation. So even in our anxiety to show the depth of our patriotism, it is important to consider such a basic ethic of nationalism.

Although the Ministry of Information initiated the policy, it needs the cooperation of other institutions such as the National Commission for Civic Education, the Ghana Education Service, the Commission for Culture, the Commission for Children, churches, mosques, shrines, as well as individual parents and teachers to be in able to effectively implement it for the success of the national orientation program in the highest interest of the nation.

At this juncture, it is imperative to say words of gratitude to all Ghanaians, from the President of the Republic to the truck pushers at the Sodom and Gomorrah market for the tremendous support given by the national team. Ghana’s parliamentarians made more noise than even the supporters union who were paid to make noise. For those pastors who for a moment cast aside their orthodox mantles and put on robes in national colors to preach with their congregations who trumpet in churches dressed in national colors, God has noticed the holy spirit of nationalism that has descended upon them.

Our Muslim brothers and sisters, as well as traditional believers, could not be outdone in their massive support for the Black Stars. Did you see that man who always went to the stadium with live guinea pigs? What about those who carried the RIP caskets of certain countries and opposing players? All were part of psychological support strategies. As for those who do not believe in the existence of God, God still loves them either way.

But if the awards were to be given to individuals or groups of the best supporters of the Black Stars, the women of Ghana would clear the stakes. Ghanaian women not only know how to play soccer, but they can analyze soccer and support the national team in style. My God! I saw women of all shapes and sizes, from toddlers to eight-year-olds, supporting the Black Stars non-stop from January to December. It was incredible. In addition to supporting the Black Stars as a national team, Ghanaian women immediately formed supporter unions for every single Black Star player.

This is the Women’s Supporters Union list for all 23 players in the 2008 Ghana tournament:

1. Sammy Adjei – Women Supporters Union

2. Hans Adu Sarpei – Fans’ Union

3. Asamoah Gyan – Supporters Union

4. John Paintsil – Women’s Supporters Union

5. John Mensah – Women’s Supporters Union

6. Anthony Annan – Women’s Supporters Union

7. Laryea Kingston – Women’s Supporters Union

8. Mihael Essien – Supporters’ Union

9. Manuel Agogo – Union of Women Supporters

10. Kwadwo Asamoah – Fans Union

11. Sulley Ali Muntari – Fans’ Union

12. Andre Ayew – Union of Women Supporters

13. Baffour Gyan – Fans Union

14. Bernard Yao Kumordzi – Union of fans

15. Ahmed Apiamah Barusso – Supporters’ Union

16. Abdul Fatawu Dauda – Women’s Union

17. Nana Akwesi Asare – Supporters Union

18. Eric Addo – Supporters’ Union

19. Alhansan Illiasu – Union of fans

20. Quincy Owusu-Abeyie – Women Supporters Union

21. Harrison Afful – Women’s Supporters Union

22. Richard Kingson – Women’s Supporters Union

23. Hamidu Draman – Fans’ Union.

These unions of women sympathizers can be found in every home in Ghana today. And their singing, dancing and artistic antics alone gave the necessary energy to the Black Stars to die for the nation. Any challenger?

Closing ceremony

Through the Africa Cup of Nations, Ghana managed to prove to the whole world that Africa is a continent of beautiful cultural heritage. The simple yet profound closing ceremony was exceptional in the tournament’s history. Only one person could carry the trophy to the podium to hand over to the winning team. But this simple act was dramatized by four tough bodybuilders called macho men, who carried the innocent beautiful girl like a huge queen mother in a palanquin was fantastic.

The smiling cute “black angel” was adorned with regal gold ornaments and colorful kente headdresses with a traditional touch. The multiple “fontonfron” divine drummers stirred the foundations of African culture and the Egyptian champions could not help but try their hand at drumming and dancing like the ancient pharaohs. When their hovering spirits were calmed, they solemnly and respectfully returned the magnificent sparkling trophy they brought back from Egypt from the paternal hands of the President of the Republic of Ghana, HEY Kufuor.

Ladies and gentlemen, even if Ghana could not fulfill the goal of the “Home and Win” dream, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has made the nation proud. The tournament elevated Ghana to the zenith of the world football pyramid. There is not a country worth its name in the world today that can say it has not heard of a country called Ghana in West Africa.

What must be done now as a nation is not to cry over spilled milk or indulge in the blame game. We have to admit our little, little organizational shortcomings like accreditation, ticketing and potato fields in our magnificent stadiums. The current Black Stars must be maintained and maintained so that they can stay fit at all times. There is a need to inject fresh blood of first class strikers into the team. As for the technical and medical aspects of the team, I leave it to the experts. If we do our homework well, use creative visualization techniques and ask God to be our guide, by 2010 Ghana can win both the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola and the World Cup in South Africa earlier. Remember that the one who laughs last…

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